Digestive Enzymes

  • January 9, 2015
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Supplemental Digestive Enzymes are catalysts.  A Catalyst increases the rate of chemical reactions.  Therefore, these supplemental enzymes enable the body to breakdown…fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, and fibres…for the enhancement of proper digestion to optimize nutrient and mineral absorption.

The natural enzymes we should receive in the foods we eat are destroyed in cooking.

Enzymes are also decreased by the following:

  • stress                         illness                       pregnancy
  • caffeine                     alcohol                      aging
  • some medications

The result of poor digestion is a lack of nutrients and minerals that creates a deficit in the body leading to potential health maladies.

Enzyme Ingredients of the featured products:

Alpha-Amylase:  starch and sugar digestion

Alpha-Galactosidase:  reduces stomach gas production

Cellulase:  vegetable digestion

Lactase:  whole milk digestion

Lipase:  fat digestion

Protease (3.0, 4.5, 6.0):  protein digestion

Stem Bromelain:  protein digestion

Featured Products:

Daily Maintenance: 

  • taken by any age
  • all-round digestive enzymes
  • replaces natural enzymes lost to cooking

Immediate Relief:

  • ideal for heavy meals and eating-out in restaurants
  • mild cases of gas and bloating
  • good for younger digestive systems that require a little extra help
  • added lactase for dairy digestion

Urgent Care:

  • most potent and full spectrum blend
  • highest digesting power of fats and proteins
  • extreme cases of gas and bloating
  • added lactase for dairy digestion

Thank you for reading.  Come visit The Healthy Habit for these, and other, supplemental digestive aids.