About The Healthy Habit:

Serving our Chatham-Kent customers and community since 1992.

A health food store offering nutritional supplements and natural products covering a full range of health remedies for your well being.

Our knowledgable and experienced staff will assist you toward an informed decision.

Everyday low pricing on our quality products makes your purchase affordable with added value.

Our Vision:

To help you help yourself to live healthy, live wise, live strong, to your fullest potential, one step at a time.

Some Of The Brands We Carry:

  • A Vogel
  • Allimax
  • Ascenta
  • Bell Lifestyles
  • Boiron
  • Brad King
  • Bragg
  • Carlson
  • Dr. Whitaker
  • Earth Science
  • Flora
  • Garden of Life
  • George’s
  • Green Beaver Company
  • Hyland’s
  • Innovite
  • Jason
  • Kyolic
  • Lily of the Desert
  • Mike Dodok
  • Mill Creek Botanicals
  • Mission Falls Premium
  • Naka
  • Nature’s Aid
  • Nature’s Way
  • Natural Factors
  • Neogenis
  • New Roots Herbal
  • Now
  • Nutra Sea
  • Platinum
  • Preferred Nutrition
  • Progressive
  • Purica
  • Quest
  • Renew Life
  • St. Francis
  • Simply Frontier
  • Strauss Herb Company
  • Sun Force
  • Theraneem Naturals
  • Thursday Plantation
  • Tri Star Naturals
  • Udo’s Oil
  • UMAC Core
  • Vitamost
  • W.Gifford-Jones, MD
  • Wedderspoon
  • Wild Country
  • and more…

Vitamins and Supplements: 

  • For prevention or recovery
  • A wide range of multi and specific vitamins
  • Probiotics for infant-to-elderly
  • Immune care for maximum resistance
  • Powdered proteins, meal supplements, amino acids

Hygenics and Essential Oils:

  • Skin, hair, and oral health
  • All natural products in gels, lotions, creams and pastes
  • Bath oils and mineral salts

Homeopathics, Herbs and Tinctures: 

  • A widely accepted and respected method for maintaining and improving your health.
  • Medicinal mushroom therapy, micronized for greater absorption.

Everything Else: 

  • Teas, juices and natural sweeteners
  • Honeys, domestic and imported
  • Infant and age specific products
  • Ailment specific products
  • Pain relief, cold remedies, cleanses
  • Pet supplements
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Sports proteins, meal replacements
  • Snacks and foods, and more…