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  • January 30, 2015
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Simple and difficult at the same time would define diet and exercise.  Simple, because they both make sense to the rational thinker and yet difficult for many of us to achieve.  The benefits of achieving these ‘difficult’ lifestyle modifications today will most definitely have an impact for a ‘simpler’ tomorrow.  Especially since the statistics are trending the opposite direction.

8 out of 10 heart and stroke events are considered preventable with the suggested lifestyle modifications.

Nationally in Canada, there is one heart attack every 7 minutes.  There is one cardiac arrest every 12 minutes

In Chatham-Kent specifically nearly 25% of all deaths are due to Ischemic Heart Disease.

Risk Factors are:    Obesity/weight     Smoking     Excessive Alcohol     Inactivity     Hypertension     Diabetes     High Cholesterol     Aging

9 out of 10 Canadians have at least one of these Risk Factors.  The more factors, the higher the risk.

Will supplements help?  Yes, but not alone, ONLY if they are in conjunction with proper diet and adequate exercise.

Fibre studies have proven that many require no less than 20 grams per day, 35 grams per day is ideal, and 50 grams per day has even greater health benefits

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

  • Affecting one billion people worldwide
  • 2 out of 5 Canadians either have HBP or are Prehypertension
  • Known as the Silent Killer we often don’t know we have it
  • Studies have proven that dietary patterns can and do affect blood pressure

Supplements suggested:  Fibre, Olive oil, Coenzyme Q10 and Garlic (these assist in lowering HBP and improving circulation)

Type II Diabetes

  • Chatham-Kent specifically has a higher rate of diabetes related hospitalizations than the provincial average
  • Type II Diabetes is the most prevalent form of Diabetes, possibly due to …….
  • 60 % of Canadians are overweight
  • Canadian childhood obesity tripling in the last 30 years

Supplements suggested:  Fibre, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, L-Carnitine (for cellular energy, fat burning and diabetic neuropathy)


  • There are health benefits to cholesterol (Vitamin D, hormones, bile)
  • The problem occurs when good and bad cholesterol are out of balance (HDL and LDL)
  • An estimated 40% of Canadians have high cholesterol
  • Plaque deposits in the arteries affect the entire Cardiovascular System

Supplements suggested:  Fibre, Omega 3, CoQ10 and Niacin (use Niacin as directed by a health professional)

Have your blood pressure measured.  Have your blood tested for the risk of diabetes and cholesterol

Visit these web sites for additional information:

www.chatham-kent.ca (click on Health Status Report 2010)

www.heartandstroke.com  (click on Health Information)

www.Wikipedia.org  (search DASH diet)


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