Strauss Heartdrops Medical Trials

Strauss Heartdrops Medical Trials

The ‘Effect of Herbal Strauss Heartdrops in Patients with Chronic Stable Angina’ was conducted on October 16, 2005. By: KGK SYNERGIZE INC. Canada.

These trials showed that patients who have suffered from Angina, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Circulation conditions for years found that their conditions improved. Principal Investigator R. Petrella, M.D concluded “The results of this study suggest that treatment with Strauss Heartdrops at the minimum daily recommended dosage improved quality of life by reducing the frequency and severity of heart disease symptoms, and without adverse effects or changes in blood chemistry despite patients concurrently taking other heart medications. Treatment with Strauss Heartdrops did not induce any adverse effect in patients also taking other medications.”

The results of a one year trial, Conducted by Hedron Analytical Inc. are dramatic; Dr Paul Hornby, PhD. led the study to determine the efficacy and safety of Strauss Heartdrops.

Dr. Paul Hornby concluded “Strauss Heartdrops are a safe and efficacious supplement for people at increased risk for heart disease.

Strauss Heartdrops contain garlic which is a proven antioxidant and proven to lower LDL cholesterol levels. The properties of garlic have been proven to stimulate cell growth and activity. It has the ability to lower cholesterol by dissolving it in the blood stream in return opening blood vessels and reducing chances of a heart attack. This also reduces blood pressure. Garlic is known as nature’s antibiotic and it is one of Strauss Heartdrops most effective ingredients in preventing disease and heart problems.

Another ingredient in Strauss Heartdrops is Crateagus laevigata. Crateagus laevigata is known to strengthen the muscles in the heart when used regularly. It has been known to prevent arteriosclerosis and repair conditions like heart valve defects, enlarged heart, angina, feeble heart action, lack of oxygen in the blood, and more.

Cayenne is known to fight disease and assist with blood circulation. In addition, it increases the actions in the heart without impacting blood pressure. It is also said that cayenne is known to prevent strokes and heart attacks. When used it is known to be a catalyst by taking all of the herbs quickly to the body parts where needed most.

Bilberry is known to improve circulation. They feed the capillaries because bilberry has the ability to alter how food and nourishment passes through the blood. Things in the body that benefit from the use of bilberry and are strengthened include coronary arteries and varicose veins. Blood clots can be reduced also because bilberry has blood thinning properties.


Yes! Allow 30 minutes between taking different herbal and/or prescription medication. In the 35 years that Strauss Heartdrops have been on the open market, worldwide, there has never been a negative interaction with any prescription or non-prescription medication. When a customer is taking medications we recommend that they take the Strauss Heartdrops either 30 minutes before taking their medication or 30 minutes after taking their medication. The emphasis is to not take the medication immediately before or after taking the Strauss Heartdrops. This is not because of any worries about interaction but rather to maximize the effects of the Heartdrops and the medication.